Split system air conditioners are designed to cool or heat a single room or area. They come in a variety of forms including wall mounted units, ceiling cassettes and floor consoles. Most common residential split-system air conditioners consist of two units an outside unit ‘the condenser’ and an inside air outlet unit, usually referred to as the ‘wall mounted head unit’ or ‘Evaporator’. The two units are connected by pipes that carry refrigerant. An alternative to the standard unit is the multi-split system, which has multiple indoor units connected to a single outdoor unit. Split-system air conditioners are commonly reverse cycle which means they are used for both cooling and heating.


Ducted air conditioning systems are ideal when you want to cool or warm an entire house. Ducted systems are zoned to allow cooling of different areas at different times. This can improve efficiency and reduce running costs. Your premises can be divided into a daytime zone (living areas) and a night time zone (bedrooms) or have individual zones for each room of the house. These zones help to improve efficiency and reduce running costs Ducted air conditioning has many benefits. If you live in a hot and humid summer climate such as the Illawarra coast, it provides excellent cooling and dehumidification. In winter, ducted air conditioning can provide you with a very energy efficient way to heat your home. For asthma sufferers, ducted air conditioning can be of great benefit. Reducing the relative humidity level inside your home and filtering out dust particles can make it easier to breathe and much more comfortable.


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